Debbie & Mark: a late Spring wedding in New England

Featured below are a few of my favorite images from Debbie and Mark's intimate garden wedding, an early Summer soirée in beautiful Upstate New York.

To set an elegant yet unfussy tone for their celebratory weekend, which started not with a formal rehearsal dinner but with an evening at the Mets game, the couple made the brilliant suggestion to incorporate the team logos onto the enclosure card. Soft details continued throughout the ceremony in their own gorgeous backyard, filled with lush florals from Forever In Bloom. Guests enjoyed dinner, dancing, and a scrumptious cake from DiMare Pastry Shop at the charming Bedford Post Inn, a historic building so charming that I created a sketch of the venue to feature in their thank you notes! Those cards were giclée printed by Nightingale Handmade (photo credit to her for that one!). The bride and groom looked stunning in attire by J Crew and Hugo Boss, respectively. All photographs were made by the talented Greg Lewis--see more pictures from throughout the day on his blog.