meditation scroll for Two Arrows Zen

I love branching out with unique projects, and this one was a fun challenge to bust out my traditional Italic hand. A meditation team from Salt Lake City wanted a scroll calligraphed for their new space on the edge of Capitol Reef National Park (near Torrey, Utah). 

Working on this piece was a sort of meta-meditation for me, inscribing line after line of prose about mindfulness. This project ranked right up there with envelope addressing as one of the most relaxing projects I've completed!

remember to say thank you!

Writing a proper thank you note, on paper and mailed with a stamp, really warms my heart. I love sending them as much as I love being a recipient.

When clients proactively add this item to a wedding suite, or give them as gifts to others, I have lots of fun imagining all the people whose days will be brightened when they open the mail to a hand-written smile from someone who cares.

Here's a recent set, designed as a wedding gift given to a bicycle-loving couple in the Pacific Northwest (printed by the always-amazing Margaret of Nightingale Handmade):